Information about sports




(responsible teacher – Bátorová)

The aim of this subject is giving information about untraditional sports games which are specific and interesting either their rules or their exercise forms. Students can try e.g.:

lakminton, Frisbee ultimate, Tchoukball , Fistball, Ringo, appropriatelly Kin-ball etc. and apllied physical activities which have been  primarily  made for individuals with health restriction as  Goallball, Showdawn. They are played without visual check or sports of physically handicapped people e.g. sit-down volleyball, wheel-chair basketball or rugby, Boccia etc.




Athletic training is the basis and complement of all the sports. The General training program of events of multi-event contests is prepared in our offer. It means decathlon for men and heptathlon for women. Running, jumping, field, relay and hurdle events will be presented to active athletes and as well to beginners. The modern athletics arena with the complete equipment is available and in case of the bad weather the training will be held in the gymnasium F1. The Program is intended as well for people of individual and team sports who are interested in the development of condition, technique of movement e.g.: orienteering, cross-country skiing, triathlon, football, Frisbee, fire sport. The important part of athletics training is high/quality stretching, warming-up, coordination exercises with knowledge of own body, technique of running (use of running ABC), taking-off and technical exercises.




Training lessons and lessons of matches take place in a rebuilt gymnasium F1. Badminton lessons for beginners (Z) and advanced (P) are under command of an instructor. Lessons for recreational players (R) and fitness lessons (K) offer possibility of a game without instructor´s instructions and a game without levels of performance.

            Z=(beginners) school of badminton, teaching in the gymnasium F1 will be concentrated on a training of – practice of grip, forehand and backhand strokes, serves, activity in court, giving information about rules.The number of students for  this lesson does not calculate for matches (up to 12 persons for 2 tennis courts).

            P=(advanced) improvement of basic strokes and serves , backhand stroke, tactic of game, improvement of movement

            R,K=(recreational, conditional) without the difference of performance, game




Training lessons and lessons of matches for all the levels of performance, for men ad women, for advanced players (P), for recreational ones (R) and conditional lessons (K).

            P=lessons intended for advanced players, the development of basic gaming activities during the matches according to  the rules

            R,K=recreational and conditional lessons without the difference of performance with thw aim of development of  versality and condition.




Running is very popular nowadays, especially in nature. No running track, no exacting  interval trainings. Tempo appropriate enough for us to be able to smile, talk, see nature and drain our energy for the whole day.You can change running and walking. We go running in all weathers. Take suitable sportswear and trainers, appropriately drink and good mood with you.



(Pašek, Slezáček)

Teaching of martial arts at BUT for beginners (Z) and advanced  (P), intermediate (MP).

You can choose among more possibilities – Karate, Karate Do, All Kampf Jitsu, Aikido, Kobudo, Taekwondo and Judo. If you are not sure of the form, we recommend self-defence  (S,SŽ).

Students can join sports camps of martial arts or they can take exams STV.

            Z=(beginners) Recruitment in winter semester, learning own basic locomotive skills needed for acquisition of martial arts technique, own practice of elementary technique, ethics of martial arts

            P=(advanced) Improving of chosen technique, perfecting of ethical aspect martial arts, development of own skills

            V=training of BUT team, suitable for all the sportsman (without disctintion of style) with technical grade 7.Kyu and better. Trainings are aimed for kumite (sporting fight) according to W.F.K. rules, recruitment in the 1st week of study

            SŽ=women self-defence – special self-defence of women based on real possibilities of defender

            S–self-defence, basic skills and tactics for  personal protection in common life





The program of bootcamp is based on  a training of  American soldiers. Rate of exercising will correspond with the performance of students and trainings will be very varied. Training takes 60 minutes and is for men and women. It is concentrated on the development of  general condition through running, jumping, relay races, running to the top of hills, team  races of speed, skills and strenght, untraditional  build-up exercise in pairs, training in wood, on stairs, team games etc. Trainings take place outdoors in all weathers!!! Bring suitable sportswear – you can get dirty, suitable shoes, drink and good mood.  




A semestral course of skating is intended for all those interested in teaching and improvement of skating technique. The course is suitable for „hobby“ hockey players. Participants can try various preparatory exercises practically aimed at stability, improvement of rebound, stop, changing of directions etc.

Compulsory sports equipment:  sportswear, cap, gloves, own skates

Minimum number of students for opening the group is 15.

Lessons for charge.




Ashtanga Yoga, Bodystyling, Bosu Core, Circle training, Pilates, Power yoga, Zumba Fitness




Floorball is a modern attractive sport which can be played by beginners, recreational and advanced at BUT. Trainings and games of the BUT students take place in multi-functional sports hall Pod Palackeho vrchem. There are  2 floorball fields with attestedboards there. Sticks can be lent but restricted number. If you are interested, goalkeeper’s equipment keeps at disposal.

Entrance is allowed only with clear sports indoor shoes (which do not leave footprints) because there is an artificial surface MONDO in the sports hall.

You can take part in a regular amateur all-year-round BUT competition for students – University floorball league. The winner goes through to the national finals.


UFL    =          all-round-year amateur competition for students (teams and individuals)

R/K     =          recreational- conditional game lessons without performance difference

P          =          lessons for advanced players

Ž         =          lessons only for women (beginners, advanced), BUT team




CESA offers the possibility of all-year-round training activity in sports area Pod Palackého vrchem. Training and game are situated in a new outdoor pitch with artificial grass and artificial light. A football pitch or 2 fields for small football are available.

Academic league in small football is prepared for all the students who are interested in regular amaeur competition for students. (Applications always at the beginning of the academic year)

Suitable shoes for artificial grass -football shoes with a pressed sole.


R/K     =          recreational- conditional game lessons without performance difference

 V        =           BUT team

VŠL    =          Amateur academic league




Ultimate frisbee is one of few sports where men and women play together. Ultimate Frisbee is a team contactless sport.


Z = beginners

P,V =  advanced, BUT team




It is a team indoor game (4+1).  BUT students lessons take place in multi-functional sports hall Pod Palackeho vrchem. 2 football fields, a ball and high-quality surface MONDO are available. You need only clean indoor shoes which do not leave marks.

In addititon to recreational sport regular BUT students tournaments are held.


R,K     =          recreational- conditional game lessons without performance difference

 V        =           BUT team




            Teaching is aimed at locomotion and health, especially at recovery of condition in case of longer  locomotive inactivity, during health problems, operations, injuries or during any kinds of health limit. Physio programme includes even compensatory exercises for healthy back and can be used as a kind of exercising for  speedup of recovery and regeneration (group recovery exercise with own body and with the use of  Pilates and equipment – small and big balls, balance pads, elastic ropes, elastic Flexi-bar, trainer aerobics, hanging system TRX.

Physio programme includes: Physio programme BACK, Physio programme CONDITION, Physio programme SUSTENANCE

  • theoretical lectures
  • practical group and individual exercises
  • consultancy in  CESA InBody centre
  • consultancy in CESA Physiotherapeutic centre
  • One renrolment allows to go through 2 lessons of exercise at the option at most and 1lecture a week.




Lessons of golf (10 practical lessons and 2 lectures) are offered for beginners and for advanced under the leadership of professional coach. Groups are calculated for 8 students at most. (other places are announced for substitutes). Minimum number of students for opening the group is 6 for lessons in a driving range, for playing lessons 9 students at most and the munimum number is 6.


Z = beginners – Lesson for students who do not have their own experience or they do not have the basic stereotype of swing. Lessons take place only in driving range and the goal of the teaching is a game with midiron, putt and the basics of chip.

MP = intermediate - Lesson for students who  have completed 1 semester at least of teaching. Lessons take place in driving range and Academy(half-and-half).The goal is improving the midiron  game, long game, sand game, chip, pitch, putt. Own clubs are necessary.

P = advanced – lesson for students who have completed 2 semesters at least and  hcp holders. Lessons are usually held in driving and the lessons are aimed at preparation for getting „Ability to play golf“.

VH = lessons in course – Lesson goal is to improve  a golf game, course management, implementation of realization of rules in the course and preparation for the exam „Golf ability“.

Lessons for charge.




It is an ideal supplement to all the kinds of sports, especially for aerobics, dance, (freestyle, break dance, foramce, ...), free running, fitness, fitness training, athletics etc.Lessons are aimed at basic elements of gymnastic grounding as roll, flip-flap, somersault.  Basic elements of all the gymnastic apparatus (men: floor exercise, vault, horizontal bar, parallel bars, rings, horse; women:floor exercise, vault, parallel bars, beam). It is not  gymnastic training but all-round motion in funny way under leadership and with help of a coach.
Lessons for charge.




The Programrepresents a new system of aerobics with a notable effect on a human organism and shows exercise which is based on a natural human motion – walking.   It uses a special walking line Maxerrunner.  The angle of slope can be changed, so even walking in a hilly terrain can be imitated and you use only muscular energy not any engine.

Bring a towel, drink (0,7 l) , sportswear and trainers.


MIX    =          Lesson with mild and medium intensity of load with the aim of relaxation and a step-by-step development of conditition

Z       =          Lesson for beginners aimed at the technique of walking (I. level), posture, breathing exercises, condition dvelopment or reduction of weight

P        =         Lesson for students who are physically fit and know the technique of walking on walking line (I. level), drill-and-practice  of II. level technique

VČA   =          Leisure time activities for students and public (registration on line,  payment according to valid price list).




Bouldering in a hall is a kind of climbing without belaying up to relatively safe heights (5 m). Bouldering is characterized by motion dynamics, varied position of body parts and work with own weight. You obtain preparedness in strength, strength endurance and the climbing technique. Bouldering is basics of all-year-round preparation for all the climbing disciplines.  You have to bring your own climbing shoes. It is possible to borrow but we have only limited number. It is allowed to use and only solid or liquid chalk(gel, balls).


Z         =          Basics of  bouldering, teaching of beginners and slightly advanced

P          =          Training of  bouldering for advanced climbers   

VČA   =          Leisure time activities for students and public, payment according to a valid price list BC).




Trainings of BUT students are held in a new multifunctional sports hall Pod Palackého vrchem. The special lesson is aimed at preparation of BUT team. You can enter the hall only in clean indoor shoes and you are not allowed to use own balls and  wax.




Cross-country round Brno. Lessons are intended for recreational and performance bikers.


K,V=fitness and performance MTB rides round Brno

K=fitness rides




A new 1 km-long asphalt-surfaced track around both athletic fields in the sports area Pod Palackého vrchem allows skating. A varied profile of the track and adjoining asphalt area are suitable forfitness skaters, beginners and advanced skaters. Skating is also a suitable specific training form for cross-country skiing.Own equipment is necessary: skates and a helmet. Skating without a cycling or in-line helmet is not allowed (Loan is possible but in limited number). Wristguards, knee, elbow pads and suitable sportswear are recommended.  

Minimum number of students is 5. If the number of registered students is lower, a new registration for another in-line skating lesson is offered.


Z         =          Basic lessons for beginners – technique of forward drive, heel stop and other possibilities of brake action, change of directions, basic turns during forward               drive into fakie and back, balance exercises, skating games

KP       =          Fitness lesson for advanced skaters, improving of individual drive technique (stroke, slalom, fakie, crosscut, turns etc.)

KF       =           Fitness lesson for slightly advanced and advanced skaters, improving of basic lesson technique, condition and endurance)

                        If you have a sportester, bring it with you.




Indoorcycling (spinning) is a group ride which uses stationary bicycles under leadership of qualified instructors to the accompaniment of music. The leading master coaches and licensed instructors are in charge of the instructional programme at BUT.  The whole programme is aimed at the development of condition for beginners and advanced cyclists. Low and fast segments are changed, as well standing and sit-down positions.  Special lessons are prepared for persons with low condition, overweight persons and as well for sportsmen as fitness trainings.

Z         =          Lessons ONLY for beginners who do not know the techniqueof ride of stationary bicycles and who are out of condition.

MIX    =          Lessons without performance difference but with the knowledge of technique of stationary bicycle ride.

P          =          Lessons for cyclists who are advanced in technique (at least 1 year cycling), physically fit and able to work in fitness load zone (ie. 70 - 90% TF max.). We recommend to take an exercise test at medical practice of physical education.

S FIT   =          FIT PROGRAM = Lessons for beginners with low condition and who are overweight, work with load 60-70% TFmax, reference service. It is suitable for persons who want to be in good shape

S FYZIO        =          PHYSIO PROGRAM = Lessons for the development of condition and work with own body (30 minutes compensation and body building exercise + 60 minut indoorcycling with medium load).

VČA   =          Leisure time activities for students and public (registration on line,  payment according to valid price list).




During teaching you learn basics of canoeing and kayaking in slightly running water and you get theoretical information and knowledge about safety and equipment.  It is possible to také part in weekend actions – rivers or courses lasting several days.

Essential equipment for these lessons is sportswear and water shoes. You have to be a good swimmer.




Lessons of fitness body building are aimed at the support and development of health for men and women. It helps their locomotory literacy by detection and adjustment of stereotypes, having a ramrod posture, learning about the human body functions. Not only thecorrect technical performance of build-up exercises is very important but good warming-up and stretching during and after exercise as well. Students do exercises on their own according to individual schedule.

A new muscle-conditioning gym has a part of modern muscle-conditioning machines, a cardio zone (crosstrainers, stationary bicycles), a zone for exercising with own body and a section for exercising with free weight.  

Necessary equipment: a towel (as a mat during exercising), strong and clean shoes (nor sandals neither slip-on shoes), clean sportswear.

You have to follow above mentioned instructions. If not, you are not allowed to enter the gym. You can be late for the lesson no more than 5 minutes after the beginning and you cannot use MP3 player.

KP = Individual exercise under leadership of CESA teachers and instructors, the possibility of     

         consultation of basic exercises and appropriate technique.

         If „School of healthy training“ is at the same time, it is necessary to comformed withthe     

         instructions of the teacher.

ŠKOLA ZDRAVÉHO TRÉNINKU (School of healthy training) = This lesson is aimed at                 

         understanding of the basics of fitness training, correct performance of exercises and a

         choice of training schedule. Knowledge is necessary for healthy and safe exercising.

         This lesson should be a right choice for everybody beginning without expert leadership

         or for weightlifters without firm knowledge. The 1st part of the lesson is devoted to a

         group training and the other part to individual training.

KRUHOVÝ TRÉNINK (Circuit training) = It is not suitable for beginners. You can exercise

         all the muscles. Exchange of positions according to fixed period of time. An individual

         training is not possible.

VČA = leisure time activities for students and public (registration at the reception desk of the

         sports centre and paymentaccording to the valid price list).



(Korvas) (Cross training)

OUTDOOR - The aim of this subject is the development of a general condition with the superiority of aerobic and force exercises in a terrain or stadium. You can trya great number of activities (walking, running, jumping, skipping, exercise with own body, exercise with simple equipment, exercise of individuals, pairs and more gymnasts, coordination exercise coordination exercise with the development of strength, endurance, speed and stability.

INDOOR - The aim of this subject is the development of a general condition with the superiority of aerobic and force exercises at the gymnasium. The subject matter is a large amount of activities as jumping, skipping, exercise with own and partner´s body, with simply equipment, exercise of individuals, pairs and more gymnasts, coordination exercise, coordination exercise with the development of strength, endurance, speed and stability.




Gaming and training lessons for recreational and advanced ice hockey players at ice hockey halls and halls of children and young people.

Powerskaiting – training of ice hockey skating.

Hockey school for hobby playersaimed especially at skating and individual aktivity of the player.

Necessary equipment: skates, stick, helmet, hochey mitts, shin and elbow guards.


R/K = recreational – fitness lessons for gaming and training especially for hobby players.Full

           equipment is recommended.

HŠ = hockey school for "hobby" players.Necessary equipment: skates, stick, helmet, hochey              

         mitts, shin and elbow guards.

P = powerskaiting – advanced – training lessons aimed at skating and gaming activities of an

      individual  and simply gaming exercises.

      Necessary full equipment.

      Lessons for charge.


SKIING – fitness training


A fitness training for skiers of all the performance levels aimed at the development of special locomotive skills. Thanks to the trainings at the gym and athletic stadium PPV you will be prepared for skiing season.

We offer the possibility of a training at asphalt track in the sports arena PPV to the people who are interested in cross-country skiing.

Students interested in alpine skiing can take part in winter instructional and hotel-based courses or instructional courses for skiing instructors. The possibility of qualification prolongation and improvement of skiing technique are offered for qualified instructors.




A semestral course is aimed especially at practical learning of classic massage. The content is anatomy, physiology of a human body and massage hygiene. Each lesson aims at other part of a body. First of all theoretical knowledge of anatomy and physiology of a specific part of a human body is very important and practical trainings of massaging sense of touch of classic and regeneration massage come next. We will use various kinds of emulsion and oil during lessons.




This course follows Massage and regeneration Iwhereit was possible to get basic knowledge about anatomy and neurophysiology of muscular functions and learn about basic techniques of classical massage. During this course –Massage and regeneration II you can enlarge the skill of diagnostics by disbalanceof tonus and their influence on the configuration  and functionality of the body during inactivity and movement. You will learn about other ways of influence of muscular tonus by manual techniques and you will see all the facts on some alternative approaches as foot reflexology or Chinese massage. 2 lessons (1 lesson = 90 minutes) will be devoted to the first two topics, 1 lesson always to the others. During two final lessons it is possible to resume the topics which have been discussed or to integrate a new topic, it depends on the participant´s interest.




Aikido, Allkampf-jitsu, Čigong a Taičičuan, Judo, Karate (repre VUT), Karate do, Kobudo, Krav Maga-Kapap, Self-defense, Taekwondo




This subject is suitable for students who would like to know beauties of the surroundings of Brno. Lessons are in 4 blocks. It means that you can take part in a one-day trip during the weekends and it lasts about 6 hours.  Trips are not physically demanding. You need equipment for hiking in an easy terrain (strong shoes, suitable sportswear even in the rainy weather. A meeting point for each trip is usually situated into the periphery of the town and you can go by public transport. Gathering usually about at 9 o´clock.

            You need strong shoes (hiking shoes best), plastic raincoat and drink (min.1, 5 l)




Expert instructors are in charge of lessons where you can learn swimming, practice swimming skills, consequently improve swimming technique and remove shortcomings.  Advanced swimmers can go through fitness and performance trainings. Students can make use of other hours for free swimming and they have a possibility individual remedial swimming with a physical therapist. Students learn and practice all the swimming styles (butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke and crawl), water rescue etc. 

Students are divided into groups according to their swimming skills:

Z,MP – Beginners -  non-swimmers and bad swimmers. They learn 2 swimming styles.

Pre-intermediate – They learn 4 swimming styles and improve them.

P – Advanced swimmers – Intermediate swimmers. They improve swimming technique and their condition

K – Fitness – Advanced swimmers. They improve swimming technique and their condition.

S – Special group – individual programme, remedial swimming.   

VÝKONNOSTNÍ – Advanced swimmers. They  manage 4 styles without any problems and they do min. 600 m in 12 minutes.     

V - Výběr – training of BUT team swimmers

VZ – Water rescue – detailed information at the swimming guarantor (the subject will be opened as interest may appear)             

SPORTing – Swimming for BUT employees – Registration at the guarantor at the beginning of the semester                     

AF, AQ - Aqua-fitness – elements of fitness exercise in water – Aqua-aerobics.

VČA – Leisure time activities for students of other universities and public (650,- Kč/11hod)

Lessons for charge.




Gaming lessons at the covered hall of the stadium Sokol Brno I. The sports activity organized for advanced volleyball players all the year round (knowledge of gaming activities of the individual, basic offensive and defensive combinations, tactics and rules). Beginners can learn beach volleyball in the course of the summer school which is held  in Slavkov every year.


 P = Advanced volleyball players - knowledge of gaming activities of the individual, basic     

        offensive and defensive combinations, tactics and rules.

V = BUT team

Lessons for charge.




It is a very young sport and it served originally as an additional sport of sports divers. These days everybody, who wants to try something untraditional, goes in for underwater rugby. The only requirement is to be able to fin, to dive (5 m), to use a snorkel and mask.   Expert instructors help you improve special swimming skills.

Main demands: a good health condition, ability to dive into 5 meters, necessary own ABC mask, snorkel and fins (you can borrow at the swimming pool for charge).

Lessons for charge.




This subject runs in a swimming pool Za Lužánkami and all-year-round trips to free water in the Czech Republic and abroad. We have two groups – beginners (basic skills) and advanced divers (improving developed skills) and expert instructors. There is possibility to obtain diving licence (up to SPECIAL DIVER ***). You have to be a good swimmer. Bring your own ABC mask, fins, appropriately neoprene. 

Lesson for charge




Fire sport combines athletics with the elements of firemen´s work. It is a very hard sport. If you want to deal with it, it is necessary to join speed and skillfulness, not to be afraid of obstacles, fire nor heights. Lessons take place in the sports area PPV – athletic training and a few trainings in the special facility SŠ in Líšeň.




If you like snowboarding, you can attend semestral fitness trainings of all the performance levels during your whole studies and go on a winter hotel-based holiday or instructional courses in the Czech Republic.




 Lessons of softball and season tournaments offer all-year-round sports activity during winter and summer semesters. Trainings take place at a new multi-functional sports hall and sports area Pod Palackého vrchem. The subject matter is technical and fitness preparation and drill-and-practice of gaming skills and activities.  You can borrow some equipment (gloves 50,- Kč-/a semester).         Fitness training in the gym– suitable sports shoes and sportswear. If the weather is good, the training takes place in the outdoor field. In the gym only indoor shoes are allowed. Suitable shoes for outdoor field (artificial grass) are tennis shoes or football shoes with the pressed sole. It is not allowed to use spiked shoes Warm sportswear for outdoor trainings.


R- K = fitness, gaming and training lessons aimed at basic gaming skills (throwing, catching, batting, learning rules, game).  Lessons in a grassy field SA PPV is supplemented with exercise and training at the gym (the gym is also available in the case of the bad weather). If you want to take part in tournaments, ask the guarantor.

P, V = Conditioning of BUT team.




Lessons of sports fencing for beginners (sword) and advanced fencers (foil, sword, sabre). Managing of basic technique of movement, technique of fencing training). At the end of the winter semester there is a traditional Christmas tournament "Roslipa" at Sokol Brno 1 which has been  held for 15 years and where all the members of Brno fencing club are present. Whole equipment can be lent. The price of lessons includes renting of a gym and equipment for fencing: mask, outfit, breeches, plastron, breast protector, gloves and weapon.

Lessons for charge.




There is a possibility of an instruction or recreational game. The basics is drill-and-practice of technique and the development  of condition. The supplement of lessons is tournaments for players of all the levels (Christmas games – tournament "O zelenou šišku" – December). Suitable shoes are necessary – indoor clean shoes which do not leave any lines. Students use their own bat and table tennis balls. Bats can be lent but we have only limited number.


Z = lessons for beginners      

R = gaming periods without performance distinguishing

P = lessons for advanced players

závodní hráči  = gaming periods for racing players. Only attendance registration, limited recruitment in the 1st week of the semester.




Lessons for beginners and advanced shooters are organized by BH MAGNUM. A basic training is aimed at obtaining of firearm license and consists of lectures and practical shooting, shooting for advanced ones (holder of firearm license) is aimed at improving of shooting.

Basic lessons – instruction and training

            Complex preparation for getting of a firearm license

                           1. Theoretical part – law, implementing regulations, science about weapons  and ammunition, ballistics

                           2. Practical part – basics of safe handling of weapons, basics of shooting, dismantling and reassembling, shooting drill-and-practice 

                           3. Supplement work:

                                               •          Historical weapons

                                                •          Selective shooting

                                               •          Discussion with a lawyer – criminal law

                                               •          Shooting competition

                                               •          A visit to forensical medicine – consecution of firearm

Lessons take place on schedule after agreement at the registration meetings.

Continuation shooting lessons

Lessons are aimed at the improving of manipulation with the weapons and pointed shooting, body building exercise,dismantling and reassembling and weapon cleaning).   Students are divided into groups (4 – 6 shooters) according to their time possibilities. Lessons are held once a week for 2 hours.

Lessons for charge.




Lessons of dances and their forms are divided into courses of social dancing, untraditional Latin dancing, belly dancing, flamenco and zumba.

SOCIAL DANCING is formed by lessons of standard and Latin-American dancing. The courses are devoted to beginners or pre-intermediated dancers. There are classic dancing lessons for beginners and lessons which are more technical and sports for more advanced dancers.  

In the courses of UNTRADITIONAL LATIN DANCING students learn about these dances - salsa cubana, salsa linea, footwork salsa, rueda de casino, bachata, merengue, zouk, conga, cumbia etc. The courses are devoted to beginners and pre-intermediate dancers.

FLAMENCO is a name of traditional Spanish culture which includes singing, dance and guitar playing. Flamenco is suitable for women and men without age limit, figure or previous dancing experience. Flamenco uses during the dance move of arms, claps of the hands, stamping rhythms and ideal for practice of coordination of the whole body. Basics of Flamenco dance will be taught, having a right back and rhythmic during lessons.

You need comfortable wear – for women a wide long skirt is an advantage and higher –heeled shoes (no slim heels ).

ZUMBA is an entertaining form of move with Latin-American rhythms. The move is a combination of exercise and dance open to atmosphere of a good party.


Waltz, tango, quickstep, samba, rumba, chacha, jive and other dances.


Salsa, rueda de casino, bachata, merengue, zouk and other dances.


BELLY DANCING viz. separate sports discipline.


The content of this course are basic dance techniques Street dance and dance styles like: House, Hype, Popin, Lockin, voque, New Style Hustle .... At the beginning hour warm-up, then strengthening, mastering basic steps, simple choreography and the final stretch.
The session will also discuss the type of choreographed dance fitness, which vary from street dance teaching methodology and selection of dance styles (Dancehall, Reggaeton, ...). Unlike the popular and well-known dance fitness program "Zumba®" there is more emphasis on the correctness of dance steps and also increases the complexity of the choreography.


Lessons are aimed at basic dancing technique Street dance and its dancing forms as: House, Hype, Popin, Lockin, Voque, New Style Hustle, ... . At the beginning of the lesson is a warm-up, later body building, managing basic steps, easy choreography and final stretching.

Lessons for charge.


The course focuses on training and improving the basic steps for individuals, in pairs and in groups. It will pay particular pair Salsa (Cubana style and style Linea) style of bachata, zouk and more.
The course consists of teaching the Caribbean and Latin-American dances: Salsa Cubana, Linea Salsa, Bachata, Rueda de Casino, Single Salsa, Mambo, Zouk, Merengue, Argentine tango, ChaCha, Rumba, Samba .... danced in sports shoes, which It is gentle to surfaces, or may dance barefoot.
For organizational reasons, it is better to have a permanent dance partner from the beginning of the course, but do not be afraid to sign up themselves.



BUT students