Physical education and professional services

CESA BUT offers an expert consultation and professional advice for recreational and top-sportsmen:

  •          In Body Centre – analysis of a body composition and nutritional advising
  •          Tachograph – measurement of swimmers
  •          EMG – scanning of muscular activities
  •          Physiotherapy centre

Price list of physical education and expert services



What can we do for you?

  •          Help to solve problems with painful joints and muscles.
  •          Give advice how to restore proper function of locomotors system after injury.
  •          Show how to soothe and abolish negative consequence of stereotype movements and positions (i.e. during work, sport) by the help of ergonomic adjustments.
  •          Learn how to feel better your body and get a control over negative response to load (psychological, physical).

The date of reservation according to the agreement.

E-mail: Jana Šopikova, Ph.D., at present time is deputized : Bc. Kamila Smrčková.

Telephone: +420 541 143 478

Address: Technická 14, 696 69 Brno – Královo Pole (the building where dressing rooms are, next to the sports hall)



  •          Kinesiological analysis – input, monitoring, output
  •          Treatment of soft tissue (skin, hypodermis, fasciae)
  •          Treatment of mobility
  •          Bearing joints and the backbone
  •          Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
  •          Sensomotor training
  •          Klapp’s climbing
  •          Therapy according to R. McKenzie
  •          Method of L. Mojžíšová
  •          SM system
  •          Kinesics taping

Price list

Single visit *

5 visits *

10 visits *

15 minutes          100 Kč



30 minutes          200 Kč

30 minutes          950 Kč

30 minutes       1800 Kč

45 minutes          250 Kč

45minutes          1125 Kč

45 minutes       2150 Kč

60 minutes          300 Kč

60 minutes        1350 Kč

60 minutes       2600 Kč

Kinesics taping


2 Kč/cm                   crosslink




BUT students – 20% discount of single visits.

*Time includes arrival and departure. Price includes a consultation with a therapist, examination, recommendation and treatment according to the diagnosis.



            The Centre offers a measurement not only of top-sportsmen, students and employees of BUT, but as well general public. The measurement is in progress in Reconditioned Centre in the space of the building with dressing rooms next to the athletics field Pod Palackého vrchem.

            The apparatus InBody 230 is one of the most reliable devices for analysis of the composition of the human body. The analysis is very fast and easy and it lasts about 30 minutes. The person who is analyzed must be barefooted.

            Acquired information can be used for observation of the development of physical parameters or as a feed-back, it means if the training or eating habits are effective or there is any health hazard (overweight, obesity or low weight).

            You can appreciate acquired information for weight reduction or eating habits change. It is possible to verify by measurements whether the weight loss or its growth is in the area of fat or muscle. Measurement is suitable for both sportsmen and general population monitoring their physical parameters in connection with changes in life style.



Mgr. Dana Vránová, Ph.D.


Telephone: +420 541 149 422, 737 683 953

Address: Technická  14, 696 69 Brno – Královo Pole (next to the sports hall)



Team leader: prof. PhDr. Jaroslav Motyčka, DrSc (

            The measurement of the swimmers´ speed using the tachograph and synchronous records of three camcorders under water includes:

  •          Basic measurement and DVD fabrication of measurement,
  •          Print speed records and images with incorrect positions during swimming,
  •          Analysis of the measured results, interpretation and adjustment swimming techniques,
  •          Lecture with the recommendation for the repair techniques on the basis of measurement.