Seniors and movement

Physical activity studio for seniors of University of the Third Age

Motto: „What we do together today, can affect  how we will feel tomorrow”.

Physical activity studio for seniors is a part of University of the Third Age at BUT. We offer the series of lectures, seminars and exercises which fill in and improve knowledge and skills in the sphere of physical activities.

The aim (focus) of the educational programme is to affect the ageing process from side physical and mentalpositively, to explain older people healthy life style and to contribute to the more active life of seniors.

The educational programme and physical education lessons are organized by CESA BUT. The Programme guarantor is RNDr. Hana Lepková. The heads of theoretical or practical classes are university teachers and specialists of practise.  

The educational programme for seniors at BUT focuses on complexity and balance of physical and mental health. 

The programme is divided to three follow-up courses: basic, follow – up (intermediate) and senior academy. Each course is divided to semesters in the length of 13 weeks. Three additional camps in the recreational facility of BUT in Ramzová are the supplement. 

The basic course lasts for 4 semesters and the contents is a block of lectures and practical classes, which are focused on the own body exercises. Students have 1 lesson of lectures and 1 lesson of exercises a week.

After completion of  the Basic course, students can pursue three following-up programmes. This programme includes 4 semesters and exercises are focused on the „ Exercises with own body“, „Aquafitness and swimming“, Combined programme“. Practical classes are twice a week,each for 60 minutes long and are following the lectures of specialists from medical or sport practise – contemporary topics. 

After completion of the basic and follow-up courses seniors can continue  physical activity year-round programme Senior academy.

The system of exercises is specific for seniors. The programme contents exercises of lower intensity and without danger of injuries. The variability of exercises is very wide. We change regularly endurance, strength or co-coordinative one. We pursuit of appropriate movement, which respects body and health state limitation.

What is the part of The Physical activity studio?

The first activity is the entrance tests for assessment current state of movement system and students complete personal questionaire  about health state, hobby, relationship to physical activities etc. At the end of the academic year students undergo the motoric test. Graduation of each study year is supported by Participants diploma, a social party and informal meetings.

What CAN students obtain?

Students obtain movement programmes which are adapted the state of body, information about healthy life style, how to keep the right position of the body, professional leadership during classes, the possibility to discuss with specialists from the sphere of physical activities, medicine, new friendship etc.

What contribution for seniors

Regular exercise can decrease sickness rate and also help to stay active for a long time. The positive response of regular exercise is for non-infection disease (high pressure, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, etc.).  The exercise affects against depression, classes allow to make a new social contacts, training improves the teaching ability (primarily short time memory) and has positive impact to good sleep.

What Activities are suitable for seniors?

The choice of physical activity should come out from former sport experience or should respect contemporary state of health and fitness. The suitable physical activity is prevention or the way for improving health problems.

Aerobic training

Hiking, Nordic walking, swimming, aqua gymnastics, cross country skiing, sensitive indoor cycling, indoor rowing, dance, cycling, etc.

Strength training

Condition strengthen with own body or with optimal resistance in body building gym with the help of coach - specialist.

Co-ordinative training

Exercises for improving balance and the state of spinal cord, bossa, yoga, pilates, stretching etc.