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čt Fitness Training - indoor
FCM - zrcadlový sál


Fitness training - Indoor

Outcomes of course: 

Fitness training INDOOR is based on modern knowledge of sports training environment and the needs of current generation of university students, on the principles of relaxation, regeneration and sustainability of balance between mental and physical stress as a basic way of health preventative care. The output is to compensate for sedentary jobs, to maintain sufficient or improved level of physical fitness and motor skills, to improve motor skills and to widen the knowledge of the training process.

Courses – summer or winter

CESA one-off events – e.g. Day of Sport at Brno University of Technology (Calendar of events at

Course contents (annotation):                                

The course has the same contents for the winter and summer semesters, has the character of practical exercises. Throughout the course, the students learn or improve their knowledge and skills needed to maintain and develop their fitness and ensure health prevention through physical activities.                                                         

Planned educational activities and teaching methods:   

Teacher-controlled group lessons based on modern methods of sport training.

Method and criteria of assessment:

Credits - active participation in the lessons, controlled participation - registration of attendance. Two unexcused absences are allowed.

Course curriculum:

Development of skills to increase and maintain fitness, introduction to basic and extension exercises to develop stamina, strength endurance and coordination compensating for the consequences of sedentary jobs. The course is divided into 3 consecutive blocks.

The first block, units 1-4: safety precautions, supplementary program, conditions for granting credits; introduction to basic exercises and methods of development and sustainability of fitness;

The second block, units 5-8:  practical exercises to develop fitness;

The third block, units 9-13: a combination of exercises of various focus; credits at the 13th week of the course


Compensation for unilateral sedentary jobs and improvement of students’ skills and knowledge about development and sustainability of fitness to achieve an optimal state of physical fitness as an appropriate means of health prevention and the activities of how to appropriately spend their leisure time.

Definition of controlled tuition and the way of its implementation and forms of compensation for absences:

Credits - active participation in the lessons. Controlled attendance - attendance recorded in attendance sheets. Two unexcused absences are allowed. Compensation for absence in the lessons of sport supervisor - fitness training INDOOR or OUTDOOR or hiking.

Supervisor / Teacher / Tutor:

doc. PaedDr. Pavel Korvas, CSc.




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