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Outcomes of course: 

Students will realize their potential in the chosen sport creating a positive attitude towards physical activities, mastering of basic individual activities of trainees and gaming skills, fitness development, introduction to compensatory exercises to correct muscle imbalances, controlled game.

Recommended optional components of the program (+ course, life-long learning, block tuition – only if offered by the respective sport:

University Amateur League in five-a–side football.

Sport events according to the current offer in the Calendar of events at 

Course contents (annotation):

Teaching of BUT students takes place in a new multi-purpose sports hall Pod Palackého vrchem. There are two football fields, futsal ball, and a quality surface MONDO. Players in the context of learning activities will improve their gaming skills; improve their individual technique and fitness. 

Planned educational activities and teaching methods:  

Theoretical part – safety precautions, organizational instructions, rules of futsal.

Development of individual activities of trainees, practice of gaming skills, controlled game, development of physical fitness, compensation for muscle imbalances.

Method and criteria of assessment:

Credits - active participation in the tutorials, practical testing of IČJ during the controlled game. Two unexcused absences are allowed. 

Course curriculum:

- Safety precautions, organizational instructions, rules of futsal

- Warming up (without the ball, with the ball, in pairs)

- Athletic alphabet, stretching

- Exercises to develop speed, strength, coordination and endurance skills

- ICJ (of passing the ball, handling the ball, goal shooting)

- Controlled game

- Compensation exercises

- Credits

Objective of tuition:

Mastering of basic gaming skills and individual activities of trainees in futsal

Definition of controlled tuition and the way of its implementation and forms of compensation for absences:

Regular active participation in the lessons – registration of attendance in the attendance sheet. Two unexcused absences are allowed. Compensation for absences after consultation with the teacher - attendance in other five-a –side football, futsal lessons.

Supervisor / Teacher / Tutor:

Ing. Mgr. Pašek Miloslav


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