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The word „yoga” comes from Sanskrit word „yuj“, which means union or unification – unification of mind, body and soul. Usually in our daily life, our mind is uncontrolled, moving from one subject to another. We also have a problem to understand our body and use it with awareness. Due to daily busy and sometimes stressful life we forget to listen our soul – we keep forgetting to move the attention inside and listen what our soul wants to say - to listen what we really need, what we really want in our lives. In these lessons of yoga we will focus on unification - balancing - of our body, mind and soul. You will turn off your auto-pilot, calm yourself, be in the present moment and make your body stronger and more flexible.

We will practise mainly Hatha flow style of yoga within we learn correctly the basic postures. Hatha is very calming and stabilizing type of yoga, which is very good for strengthening muscles, because we will have to hold the position for a longer duration. Flow means, that the postures (asanas) flow fluently one to another. During all the lessons we will focus on a right breathing and some basic pranayama techniques (breathing techniques). You will also get in touch with easy forms of meditation or yoga nidra (yogic sleep). In the end of the semester we will move more towards Vinjasa style of yoga, which is more dynamic, but based on the same as Hatha yoga.


The participant understands the basic meaning behind yoga exercise, knows the basic yoga postures, understand their correct alignment (how to be in the posture correctly) and right breathing and practise with awareness on the body parts, which are used in each posture. Also, knows how to prepare the body for exercise with the right warm up, mind calming techniques and breathing techniques.


Supervisor / Teacher / Tutor:

Jitka Drápalíková, e-mail:

KURZY: nadstavbou je letní kurz pořádaný ve spolupráci s VSK VUT

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