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BUT course of is organized as a teacher controlled group game in which two or four players hit a tennis ball back and forth across a tennis court divided by a net using tennis rackets. The tennis game can be enjoyed all year round by players of practically any level of skill.

Lessons are organized from beginners (Z), to intermediate players (P) as well as free time activities (VČA). Practices are held in BUT Sport Area Pod Palackého vrchem. There you can find two indoor tennis courts (Graboflex) and three artificial surface outdoor tennis courts equipped with lights.


The course is based on modern knowledge of sports training environment and the needs of current generation of university students. Students will learn the correct technique for the basic tennis skills as well as the tennis game rules.


Players are encouraged to bring their own tennis rackets and balls, but we will have a few if you need to borrow in the beginning of the course. (fee: 30 Kč  racket per lesson includes maintenance) Also you need to put on clean tennis shoes and tennis clothing (for your comfort and safety reasons).

Planned educational activities and teaching methods

During your lessons you will learn how to hold a tennis racket properly, basic strokes and different training drills to help you improve your skills. Lessons are organized for lower intermediate.


Supervisor / Teacher / Tutor:

Mgr. Ladislav Hajnovič, e-mail:

Ing. Jan Bedáň, e-mail:



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